This is the recording of the Live training Bill did for Business Training System members only. This was an introductory training, going over what he will be covering and providing some basic training.

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5 Responses to “Business Training System Overview & Introduction”

Manjit Hundal February 12, 2011

Hi Bill,

I enjoyed this first training session and think that I’m going to get alot out of your training, I like your teaching style! I’m interested in using Contest Burner for offline marketing. I haven’t got my first client yet, in fact I am struggling to get my first one. I was just wondering, can Contest Burner be used to actually “get” the client on board?

My thinking is this….can I approach a business and say “Hey Mr Business Owner, I have a great way to get local people to your business buying more stuff from you by running an online contest. And by the way, I will do it for FREE for you!”

I was thinking if I don’t charge for it, then they would have to be absolutely crazy not to say yes to my proposal. Here’s the question though….can I somehow make money by running this contest but not by charging the business owner for it?

This way it would be a win win for the both of us, the business gets loads of new customers, free of charge (their only cost is giving away prizes) and I win because I have “somehow” made money through running the contest (just not sure how).

This may sound stupid to you, but I thought if this wouldn’t cost the business owner, then it would be an easier way to get them on board as a client of mine, then I can upsell them later on other offline marketing services like SEO, email marketing etc but only thing is, I need to make money out of this too some way! I just don’t see how at this moment….can I get a percentage share of the increase in business that I have helped create? Can I somehow tie in an affiliate promotion into the contest for my own commissions?

I know conventional wisdom would be to charge the business owner for running a contest for them but I am trying to think out of the box here and by not charging them it would be alot easier to land them as a client (you can tell I’m struggling to get my first client!). Plus, I was thinking my approach could be different, so, rather than appear as a pushy sales man wanting to take their money for running a contest for their business, I approach as someone who wants to make them money first (and pocket some at the same time for myself!).

I would appreciate your thoughts Bill and everyone else on whether this idea could work.

How is everyone else getting along with contest ideas for their own business? I would love to hear some positive thoughts….

Many thanks,

Mel Cederbaum February 12, 2011

Re: Feb 9th webinar

I’m interested in Offline consulting.

Randy Hyshiver February 23, 2011

I thought it was going to be affliate, but that seem to be a longer term commitment and not as lucrative as your own product. So I have mixed feelings.

Maryjane Jackson March 30, 2011

I’m for affiliate 1st

Maryjane Jackson March 30, 2011

I bought a training how to set up and market a website. At 1st they gave me 3 PLR’s that should have been good – then had me do a lot of twitter/pings etc…never got any traffic – never taught me how to get traffic for a list.. wasted about $8K

I’m now really gunshy….cause it should have worked.