If you watch the live show, you’ve probably already seen this clip below. But in case you missed it, it’s important if you’re an affiliate marketer, or thinking about getting into affiliate marketing as an income source. So I wanted to make sure you DO see it.

Point #1: There are bad people in the world.
Point #2: A few of them offer affiliate products online with HUGE payouts which may tempt you.
Point #3: Google is coming down HARD and suing these companies, and winning.
Point #4: If you’re connected with those companies in any way, Google and the legal hammer could come down on you as well.

So know who you’re dealing with before promoting any affiliate product or service, and everyone will live happily ever after.

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One Response to “Affiliate Marketers Beware”

TED Petersen February 23, 2011

Hey Bill, You say “pay attention” and “do your due diligence” care to elaborate? I mean how is a new person supposed to know what to pay attention to?