You may not know this, but Google search results vary from city to city and even person to person. So what YOU see in the results when you search for something is not necessarily even remotely the same as what others see. Google’s personalized search adjusts your own search based on your personal online activity. So when you do a search to see where your business is in the search results, what you see may not even be accurate! How do you correct this to see accurate results? Well, there are a few steps you have to take.

1. Log out of Google.
2. Clear your Google cookies.
3. Go to Google homepage and look for “Web History” link on top right.
4. If you don’t see it, do a search for something. Then you should see it. Click “Web History”
5. Disable your customized search.

See a demo of this procedure from last week’s live show below.

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