I’ve noticed many people view the subject of internet marketing as something out of their own control…like gambling. They hear they can make giant piles of money from it, so they try it, like a trick at a craps table…thinking if the stars are aligned maybe they may be one of the few who makes money at it. They don’t. So they walk away from it.

Online marketing is a skill, like any other skill. It requires study, hard work and persistence. It does not take a week or a month to have a successful website that makes you money. The tools, tips and tricks that I teach on my show can get you there. But you have to work at it. OVER MONTHS. Testing and refining what you’ve got, making necessary changes based on your own research, streamlining, and really finding out what works and what doesn’t with your market and your public.

Here’s the clip from this past week’s live show where I go over this point. My advice: Don’t give up. Watch my live shows at BusinessInnerCircle.com Tuesdays @ 6:30pm, ask your questions in the Business Inner Circle forums and in the live chat. And MAKE the stars align.

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