If you watch my show at ALL, you know how strongly I feel about the importance of local and mobile marketing for small business owners or large ones.

And every new product that rolls out just further proves my point. The new Apple iPad will be available for purchase starting this Saturday at every Apple store on Earth. This is the newest awesome product which allows consumers to search for what they’re looking for without being stuck to their desktops at home. Microsoft has already announced their upcoming mobile device to compete with the iPad, and so has Hewlett-Packard. So in addition to all the smart phones being bought up as fast as they can be produced, there’s now this new wave of products.

So what does this have to do with you? Everything. If you want to be in the 21st century as a business owner, you’re going to have to promote your business in such a way that consumers can find you easily using these mobile devices. I give lots of training in this on my shows, so stop by on Tuesdays to get any of your questions answered. And here’s a clip about the iPad from a recent show below.

As an extra little bonus, you can enter a contest I created to win a FREE Apple iPad of your very own right here: iPad Contest.

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